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Are you looking to reach a unique audience of retro-custom motorcycle enthusiasts that are served by no other print magazine in the UK? Built is distributed in over 3,000 retailers - newsagents, supermarkets, bike builders and coffee shops reaching over 10,000 readers per issue.


Gina Knighton, Commercial Manager, 01733 366311
Helen Chapman, Business Development and Advertising Sales, 07809 673733

Want to sell Built?

You can buy multiple copies of Built magazine to sell in your bike shop, coffee shop, tattoo parlour - in fact anywhere where you have an audience of custom bike enthusiasts. The more copies you buy, the cheaper they are, allowing you to sell them at full price and pocket the difference. There's no sale or return and you can keep selling each issue until you run out, meaning no bothersome paperwork, just else something to offer your customers.


Built magazine goes monthly in 2018. The on-sale dates are:
21st Feb, 28th Mar, 25th Apr, 25th May, 27th Jun, 25th Jul, 29th Aug, 26th Sep, 24th Oct, 21st Nov & 19th Dec.