Multi-copy orders of Built magazine

Want to sell Built magazine to your customers?

We recognise that many bike shops and builders would like to sell Built magazine to their customers. You can now order Built magazine in larger volumes, at a reduced price, which you can then sell on in your shop. 

How does it work?

Simply call the order line on 01858 438884 and let them know the number of copies you would like to purchase of each issue – you’ll notice the more you buy, the cheaper each copy gets. You can pay by credit or debit card over the phone.

Then what? 

Each issue will be delivered to you directly from our fulfilment house, meaning you’ll get it at the same time as us, ready for you to sell on at the full cover price of £4.99 per copy.

Tell everyone!

With every order you’ll get a glossy A3 poster that you can put up in your shop letting your customers know they can buy the magazine from you. 


Built magazine goes monthly in 2018. The on-sale dates are:
21st Feb, 28th Mar, 25th Apr, 25th May, 27th Jun, 25th Jul, 29th Aug, 26th Sep, 24th Oct, 21st Nov & 19th Dec.