Krazy Horse 20th Anniversary Party

20 years of krazy horse.

It was pissing down at 6pm when most people were thinking of jumping on their bikes and heading over to Krazy Horse on August 4 for the 20th Anniversary Party. But that didn’t deter the hundreds of bikers who turned out to join in the celebrations. then as the weather turned and the sun appeared. People turned up on choppers, cafe racers, trackers, sportsbikes, classics and learners – the event showing the diversity of modern motorcycling as the Krazy Horse folk embraced one and all.

The party was one of the shop’s monthly bike nights held through summer, with typical welcoming hospitality, great burgers outside, great food inside and top class music. all in all, A special evening.

‘The Krazy Horse folk embraced one and all, with welcoming hospitality, great burgers and top class music’