Scouts Honour

After watching so many of its customers turn standard Scouts into bobbers, Indian has had a go on its own.

For the rider who wants a bobber without the hassle of building one, a factory custom is the way to go. The latest addition to the market is Indian’s new Scout Bobber.


Lavished with trick details, one we really like is the tracker handlebars that tip a nod to the US World War 2 vets who created the original bobbers by stripping back their old military V-twins and heading out on dirt roads in search of adventure.

With footpegs moved 38mm backwards, the Scout Bobber delivers a ‘more engaged’ riding position according to Indian, which sounds plausible. The new model certainly looks a lot meaner and more bad-ass than the stock Scout, partly thanks to those knobblies and blacked-out wheels.

Indian also says the low-slung profile, 25mm lowered rear suspension and new cartridge forks give a new feel.

Other styling features include a black headlight nacelle and vented exhaust shields. There’s also a black speedo face (instead of the usual red and cream) and black exhaust. The front and rear mudguards have been chopped and the new bike comes with a smaller two-tone, genuine leather bobber seat to accentuate the minimalist styling.

Indian Motorcycle’s International Product Manager, Ben Lindaman says: “We’ve introduced Scout Bobber to bring some edge to Indian. Many Scout riders have already been bobbing their bikes to give them that raw look. Scout Bobber is inspired by those owners and will offer a great platform for even more personalisation.”

Prices and the official launch date will be announced soon.

“This brings some edge to Indian and offers a great platform for even more personalisation.”

“This brings some edge to Indian and offers a great platform for even more personalisation.”

Engine Liquidcooled dohc 1133cc V-twin pe rformance 94bhp, 71.5ft-lb

Wheels Front: cast 16 x 3.5in,

Rear: cast 16 x 3.5in

Brakes Front: 298mm disc, two-piston caliper, Rear: 298mm disc,single-piston caliper

Dimensions Wheelbase: 1562mm, seat height: 649mm, fuel capacity : 12.5 litres, wetweight: 255 kg