Tempus Fury by Goblin Works Garage

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Well-known for his eclectic mix of styles, Anthony Partridge from Goblin Works Garage went at this custom build with the energy that defines his work. He stripped back the Yamaha MT-10 to its core then set about designing and building a one-off custom composite body.

The shock was replaced with an Öhlins TTX unit while the clip-ons, footpegs, grips, engine protector, fuel filler cap and levers were all swapped for Rizoma pieces.

GIA Engineering provided a custom, one-off swingarm and the hardware was all supplied by Probolt. The ‘Tempus Fury’ also features Rotobox Boost carbon wheels and Shinko Hookup tyres.

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But the crowning glory has to be the custom turbo from Ben at Extreme Creations, a man known for his boundary-smashing mechanical engineering. Engine tuning, remapping, electronics and dyno testing were completed by Paul at PCR Performance UK. The finishing touch includes a paintjob by Tom at Image Design Custom. 

“The front fairing stands out – and so does the turbo,” says Anthony. “But I’m mostly proud of the complete package and the way the entire build came together. It looks very brutal but has a certain elegance to it at the same time. But if you press me on one element it is the performance. The speed, acceleration and overall power of the bike is very impressive.”  

Anthony reckons this particular design will give him spin-offs for other builds: “I’ve already been thinking about doing more with this type of front fairing. I’m in love with the stance of the Tempus Fury. A year ago I did a similar fairing for a little Kreidler so there is already a nice progression. I’ve been thinking about doing a 48 Sportster in this style.”

The TW Steel Tempus Fury timepiece follows the same path. With a 48mm Maverick 316L steel case, sandblasted with PVD black coating, this is a big watch. Anthony said: “This collaboration with TW Steel has been a great experience. I love the fact that the brand and I share the same attention to detail and pride in the work we do. There was a good synergy. Other brands seem to be just jumping on the band wagon where TW Steel have been around motorsports, the people and the industry since they started.” 

TW Steel’s Senior Marketing Manager, Auke Possel added: “When we discussed the idea for the bike, I knew it was going to be ridiculous. To see it in the flesh is overwhelming. It screams power and mayhem. Looking at individual parts, I love the swingarm and I think the leather of the watch strap incorporated in the seat is a great detail.”

“I’m proud of the package. It looks brutal, but it has a certain elegance to it at the same time”

“I’m proud of the package. It looks brutal, but it has a certain elegance to it at the same time”