Malle Mile

Adding a hillclimb to the original drag race format took The Malle Mile to a whole new – and brilliant – level

Last year’s Malle Mile was serious fun – an inspired mix of garden party and motorcycle meet. So there was Run Wot You Brung drag racing on a grass strip, intensely hot sunshine and people picnicking under oak trees beside Kefington Hall in Kent. For this year The Mile’s founders Jonathan Cazzola and Robert Nightingale kept the drag race and added a fiendish second event, a hillclimb. Unlike American versions, this was no brutal ascent, but a far more subtle affair – a testing, sinuous uphill slalom, with riders racing head to head, drag race style. So this year it was still seriously fun but also seriously competitive.

Spectators loved the Matchless BSA (Mabsa) special whose rider adopted an aggressive foot forward, gas wide open, jutting chin attitude. Then there was the pro-motocross style, elbows-up stance of the guy on the flying brick K100 BMW tracker.  If that’s not commitment we don’t know what is.

But most of all, check out the race faces of those waiting to run – and the spectators lining the hill. Those are people who are glad they got out of bed that morning. Roll on next year, hopefully blessed by the stinking hot weather we had in 2015 please!

‘The track is a testing, sinuous uphill slalom, with riders racing head to head’