For years bikers have worn Dickies clothing for its classic workwear styling and durability. Now the US-owned brand is launching Dickies Motorcycle Outfitters, a new range of specifically-designed clothing for bikers.

Dickies was born in Bryan, Texas when CN Williamson and EE ‘Colonel’ Dickie established the US Overall Company in 1918. Four years later the company was renamed the Williamson-Dickie Manufacturing Company.

Dickies quickly gained a reputation for hardwearing garments. During World War 2 it produced millions of uniforms for the armed services and has since become the largest workwear manufacturer in the world. Dickies UK was formed in 1989 and from its base in Somerset has continued to expand its range and at one stage was the country’s leading workwear manufacturer.

In the 1990s the brand became popular with teenage skaters, BMXers and bikers plus various rock acts and celebrities. Suddenly Dickies was fashionable as well as hardwearing.

With this platform to work from, Dickies realised that they could be a successful force in motorcycling and appointed a licensee to manage the move into biking clothing. With a team made up of a former BSB team owner and an ex-BSB rider, together with a clothing designer and a lifestyle marketing entrepreneur, the vison has been turned into reality.

Building on the history and association that Dickies had unintentionally developed with motorcycling and custom motorcycle builders, the team set about creating a small collection of clothing that honoured the traditions of the Dickies heritage while meeting the expectations of today’s motorcycle enthusiasts.

The word ‘enthusiast’ is critical because it covers both hard-riding motorcyclists and those more interested in the lifestyle side of biking. So although the clothing can be equipped with Forcefield armour and include materials such as Kevlar, the range is intended to look as much as possible like the normal clothing that would appeal to those who don’t ride as much.

For example, the denim jeans in the range are available with either a full Kevlar lining for the more hardcore rider, or with a part Kevlar liner for the more casual rider. Dickies Motorcycle Outfitters denims come in one inch waist increments from 30in to 38in, and a choice of leg lengths at 32in or 34in. Two of the denims incorparte 2% Spandex into the material for on-bike comfort and there is a choice of relaxed or slim fit. Additional details like stopping the liner short of the hem on the fully lined model allow for the hem to be turned.

Internally the denims have pockets for knee and hip pads. The range includes a jacket and vest in Dickies’ well known Duck Canvas material – the vest has an internal pocket for a Forcefield back protector, and the jacket incorporates pockets for back, shoulder and elbow pads. These look equally at home on or off the bike, as does the water-repellent wax jacket that features the same internal armour pockets. All the jackets have internal pockets for essentials such as phone, wallet and keys. All CE-approved Forcefield armour is available separately.

The collection is complemented by shirts in classic herringbone checks with padded elbow details and a selection of T-shirts showing hand-drawn logos with a retro theme across black, charcoal and white. Denim prices range from £129.99 to £169.99, vest and jackets from £119.99 to £219.99, shirts £54.99 and T-shirts £29.99.