Issue 17

I’m loving the contrasts of this issue. On the one hand you’ve got Sinroja’s Spirit of Moksha R NineT, and on the other there’s Andrew Almond’s rigid Jawa CZ two-stroke single, built specifically for a 1000-mile road trip to the Czech Republic. And if that’s not enough of a contrast how about the ultimate dissonance within one workshop?

I mean, just look at the Ducati Monster cafe racer and the Spirit of Curtiss that Viv Cowley built side-by-side. One built of perfection, one of patina...

I’m also loving our man Fabio’s New York road trip stuff. Jeez, that guy lives the dream. But he also works his nuts off to unearth some real gems off the beaten track, with a great story of how 6th Street Specials survived the cleansing of Manhattan and how life has gone on for some of the Indian Larry crew. Fabio doesn’t seem too sure if The Race of Gentlemen (TROG) is the ‘best race in the world’ but from the pictures it looks a damned cool event and left me itching to go and see it all first-hand.

Hope you’re loving the issue too.


Inside this issue of Built magazine

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NYC Norton

When he lost his job in 2008, Kenny Cummings had time on his hands. He spent those hours in his workshop fiddling with old bikes, and then that turned into his new job…

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The Spirit of Moksha

In Hinduism and Buddhism Moksha means liberation, release, freedom. Sinroja’s new BMW custom takes that spirit to a whole new level

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The Road to Budvar

After creating a custom Jawa CZ for Czech brewer Budvar, Andrew Almond decides to deliver it in person. That’s 1000 miles on a very small motorcycle…

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