Issue 18

Honda CBX750. Not the obvious choice for a new-wave custom classic but we’ve got two stunning takes on the theme in this issue: one from ex-motocross GP winner Billy MacKenzie and the other by Rob Parfitt, who created his cafe racer in his shed. But then this genre is always full of surprises.

We never knew of a burgeoning custom scene in Mexico. And we only had an inkling how amazing Wild Days in Italy can be. But the biggest surprise came at Glemseck when we stumbled across a V8 special that blew our minds – a bike created with a 2500cc Eastern Bloc engine crammed into a Guzzi V7

But the Glemseck bike that stole our hearts was the XSR700 cafe racer created by Down & Out. It’s a shining example of what can be done with a stock motorcycle, a little ingenuity and a ton of engineering nous

Finally, for sheer balls-out blood and thunder, we went along to Santa Pod to see the fastest accelerating motorcycles on the planet.

Glemseck 101

Need proof that the custom scene is thriving in Europe? Join us sat the 13th annual cafe racer festival in Glemseck, Germany.

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Pure Pantomime

The focal point of Glemseck is the theatre that Sultans of Sprint provide as part of their speed event.

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Nitro in the blood

High fives and 250mph terminal speeds are the targets for the fastest accelerating motorcycles in the world. Welcome to the world of adrenaline-fuelled professional drag racing.

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