Issue 19

I didn’t get to The Trip Out this year but really wished I had when I looked through the pile of pics Jonny Wilson sent us. If ever there’s a gig that takes us back, it’s this wonderful event organised by Anne and Andy Porter. Not that I ever owned a chopper, but it’s one of the few events in the UK where the 1960s/70s hippy vibe that was part of the biking scene I grew up in is still preserved. I just love how that era is brought back to life at The Trip Out, with old bikes and young builders that look like they’ve just been ridden off the pages of an early Easyriders mag.
Of course that scene has always been preserved in the States – as Tom Bing’s visit to Austin Moto Works during his recent Texas road trip shows. It’s not all choppers in this issue though – we’re loving the diversity of builds from the Honda CB750 from AFT and Chelsea’s Rickman Triumph to Marc Roissetter’s Ducati Monster cafe racer and Hag’s LC reps.
Enjoy the mag.

You may go to Hell and I will go to Texas

Tom Bing borrows a Desert Sled and heads off to unearth the finest customisers in the south…

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Monster Smash

Mark Roissetter explains how he brought a crashed Ducati Monster back to life in the most spectacular fashion

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Made By Chelsea

With a little help from her friends Chelsea Borchert has created a stunning street scramble Metisse

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