Issue 22

Tom’s trip to Bali certainly brought a ray of sunshine as freezing conditions took their toll here in the UK. But there are plenty of other features in this issue to brighten up your lives.

Baak are prolific with new bikes and we loved the Greaser Garage V-twin thunder bikes and the mysterious workings of Vibrazioni, the Slipknot crew of custom kulture...

Closer to home, check out the cool Beemer and Honda from Siderock down on the south coast.

It’s not all heavy metal and we’ve got a cool little street scrambler from Jane in New York, the Bighorn Kawasaki cafe racer from 52 Cycles in Cali and the sublime Night Porter from Ireland.

But if you feel the need for really meaty horsepower, how about Alp Racing’s Bonneville blaster or Rno’s turbo-charged CBX street bike? Built #22, something for every taste.

Savour the flavour.


Asymmetric Areo

Add nitrous and a sleek fairing to an old Triumph and you might break land speed world records…

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Paradise Found

Custom and surf culture often seem to overlap, and nowhere more so than Bali. Built heads off to explore…

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Jane Motorcycles

This DRZ 400 by Jane Motorcycles is the antidote to New York traffic. Trouble is it's a thief magnet too…

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