Issue 4

Many things are wrong with the nation’s capital, but the custom bike culture isn’t one of them. In the fourth issue of Built we celebrate the custom bike scene in London with a visit to the iconic Bike Shed in Shoreditch to catch up with founder, Dutch, to hear about the first 12 months of the company’s new HQ.

We visit Vagabond, a bike-friendly tattoo studio in Hackney and while we’re there, stop for coffee at Dark Arts and Black Skulls – a mongrel of a clothing shop, workshop and bike club that lurks unseen in the backstreets of the East End.

There’s a show report from the Revival Cycles Show in Texas and we get the heads up on Deus Ex Machina’s 2017 clothing range.


In this issue

The Bike Shed

It's been a busy 12 months since The Bike Shed boss Dutch opened a Shoreditch HQ as part of his mission to drive an ever growing market. So what's next?



The reluctant shopkeeper

Meet Drew, owner of the Black Skulls - a unique mongrel of a clothing shop, workshop and bike club that lurks unseen in the backstreets of the East End.


Chequered future

Go Takamine transforms the all new Yamaha SCR950 into the Chequered Scrambler.





Built in London

The Bike Shed - When did the scene start taking off? When this lot got involved

The Great Frog Where jewellery, custom bikes and Lemmy anecdotes coincide

Vagabond Tattoo - You’ve got to love a studio with a Jawa 350 bobber in the window

Kingdom of Kicks - They build great bikes, except now they don’t. Built investigates

The Dark Arts - A coffee grinding business with a cafe called ‘I will kill again’. We like

The VC - Three girls accidentally becoming cheerleaders for women on bikes

Rebels Alliance - Meet the world-famous street artist who builds bikes to relax

Malle London - Is this the most desirable motorcycle luggage ever? Oh yes

The Reluctant Shopkeeper - He runs the Black Skulls and it defies description. So we won’t try

Rides and events

Le Dirt Ride - A bunch of headcases take their Parisian steeds off-roading. Merde

Return of the Bonnie - The editor discovers why Triumph’s Street Twin has builders drooling

Revival Bike Show - All the top bikes from Down & Out’s new custom event in Rotherham


Project Scout - Indian challenged their UK dealers to build a hot Scout. Here’s the top 10

Wreckin Crew - Indian reveal the bike they hope will defeat Harley on their home turf

Krugger Yamaha - As sweet an SR as we’ve ever seen. And it’s supercharged…

Tracker Time - A street tracker so sorted it looks like a Honda concept bike

Choppahead - US Navy Seal gets gold plated Triumph bobber, then gives it away

Checkered Tracker - The man who invented Brat Style sets to work on a Yamaha SCR950

Macco Motors - The latest hot Hinckley Triumph from our favourite Cadiz-based artisans

Beamish’s Bikes - The boss of Krazy Horse takes us through his life in bikes

Krazy Horses - To celebrate their 20th, the Krazy Horse crew have been busy…


Deus EX Machina - An exclusive look at the 2017 range from the surfy bikers

Fasthouse - Retro motocross gear for the street

Headrush - New lids, plus some tasty jackets


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