Issue 6

In issue six of Built magazine we visit Pepo Rosell, at Madrid bike builder XTR Pepo and find out why after weaning himself off Bologna’s best and trying his hand at customising other marques, why he’s been drawn back to Ducati and the spectacular results that followed.

We head down to East Sussex to call on Shaw Speed and Customs and see their latest Harley builds, and while we’re on topic, check out Sportsters at 60 – a celebration of Harley’s famous machine and some of the brilliant bike you can create.

We find out how Honda are finally building what many riders have wanted for years with the announcement of a new genre ‘superbike tracker’ – their sharp-edged CB1100TR concept bike.

Editor Gary heads visits Chris Ryan’s astonishing gaff in Cornwall – a former folly with tunnels leading to a beach, now packed to the rafters with piles of old surfboards, a double-decker bus, the fuselage of a light aircraft and stacks and stacks of bikes.

There’s the latest T-shirts from Urban Rider, plus we launch a collection of our own T-shirts and of course there’s a show report from Bike Shed's latest event at London’s Tobacco Dock and Art & Wheels in Basel, Switzerland.


What's inside this issue

Shed Load

Another magnificent Bike Shed Show leaves us wondering how big can this get?

Stuff of legend

For some people, life is about having fun, taking nothing too seriously - and collection stuff. Well, that seems to be Chris Ryan's approach...

Spirit of Scar

Kris Van Damme - son of star Jean-Claude - loves his bikes. So what better way to remember his dad's late dog Scar than build J-C an arse kicking Triumph.


Custom bike builders



Urban Rider - This summer’s finest T-shirts

Built Clobber
We’ve made a few T-shirts for you


Sportster is 60 - Celebrating the life of Harley’s most customisable motorcycle

Soichiro saw it coming - Honda’s founder predicted all this back in 1967

The legendary chris - His spare room is a plane and he’s the world’s fastest Cornishman

Richard Christoph - Indian Scout designer on picking rocks and pulling weeds

Out There

Bike shed Show - Massive, inspiring and welcoming. The Bike Shed crew kill it again

Bolt Reloaded - In London? Pop in here

Idle Torque - Top new hang-out found

Steel Works GP - Racing cool bikes round a deserted Italian steel works. As you do

Art and Wheels - Proof that Switzerland contains more than just Alps and fondue